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What Can You Expect From Treatments Of Droopy Eyelids?

Date :22-Jul-2019

Droopy eyelids which are also known as ptosis occur due to stress, age, trauma, or various medical disorders. This condition can affect one or both the eyelids and is called unilateral ptosis and bilateral ptosis respectively. This condition can affect a person for some time or can get permanent in some cases. Some people get it from the time of their birth and the condition is called congenital ptosis. Some can develop this condition later in life as well, known as acquired ptosis.

It’s a serious condition as droopy upper eyelids can reduce or even block one’s vision. However, this depends on how much the condition obstructs the pupil. If the condition doesn’t resolve in some time, the condition has to be treated either naturally or through medical intervention.

treatment for droopy eyelid in kochi

Who can get droopy eyelids?

Droopy eyelids affect people irrespective of gender and ethnicities. It’s most common in aged people. This is because, with increasing age, the levator muscle which actually keeps the eyelids lifted, stretch and cause the eyelids to droop.


Droopy eyelids can be treated depending on the severity of the condition and the specific cause. For older men, doctors avoid prescribing any treatment. This is because droopy eyelids don’t cause harm to the overall health and in older men, it happens as a part of the aging process.

However, many people prefer the condition to be treated and opt for plastic surgery which helps in reducing the drooping.

When droopy eyelids affect young people as a result of a certain underlying condition, treatments are prescribed to stop the eyelids from sagging.

In people, when droopy eyelids block vision, surgeries are recommended and, proper medical supervision is followed after the surgery.

Other options such as ptosis crutch are also used by people. Ptosis crutch is glasses that can hold the eyelid up and are an effective option in temporary cases of droopy eyelids. Glasses are usually recommended to most of the patients by doctors as it can replace the procedure of surgery.

treatment for droopy eyelid kochi

Prevent ptosis

There are hardly any ways to prevent droopy eyelid and a regular eye exam can effectively help one stay aware of the condition and help fight the disorder

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