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Socket Reconstruction

Eye socket reconstruction is the recreation of the original eye appearance in the patients who are having diseased eyes which require removal of the eye. It involves the volume replacement with the spherical implant & subsequent wear of the customized prosthesis which looks like the other eye.


Exenteration is a surgical procedure in which all the eyelids or part of the eyelids, orbital contents and orbital bone are removed. This is a radical technique that is usually reserved for the malignant tumours which are either origin from or spread to the orbit from the nearby structures. Exenteration may create a large defect that will require tissue flaps from the nearby areas or free skin/muscle grafts for repair. Where closure with flaps and grafts is not suitable or possible the eye socket may be allowed to heal by granulation.

Contracted socket

Findings consistent with a contracted socket that contain extensive loss of conjunctival surface area, shrinkage of the orbital fat, deep scar formation & fornix contraction. Successful reconstruction wants that a stable fornix be established by gradual increasing of the surface area. This is performed by the usage of grafts (hard palate, oral mucous membrane, etc), & if necessary, volume replacement along with the orbital implants. The hard palate mucosal graft is then favoured for the lower fornix while oral mucous membrane is usually used to reconstruct the upper fornix.

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