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Treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid eye disease (TED) is an eye disorder in which the eye muscles & the fatty tissue at back of the eye will be inflamed. This will cause the eyes to push forward & the eyes & the eyelids will become swollen & color changes into red. In some certain cases there will be swelling and stiffness of muscles which move the eyes .so that eyes are no longer in line with each other, this can cause  double vision. Occasionally TED will cause blindness because of the pressure on the nerve at the back of eye or ulcers which are forming on front of the eyes.


In very few cases, eyes will feel gritty, watering a lot & feels very uncomfortable while seeing bright lights. The artificial tear drops can help the eyes feel more comfortable. According to the recent data suggests that selenium supplements are beneficial for the patients with mild TED. If you are suffering with any other symptoms, ask your endocrinologist to refer you to an ophthalmologist (an eye doctor). If you have other symptoms even if you are not yet been diagnosed as Graves’ disease; the ophthalmologist will able to confirm whether you are having TED & suggest treatments to help your eyes.
Unfortunately, many people suffering with TED are left with a permanent change, generally in the physical appearance of their eyes or rarely double vision. Surgery will also improve appearance. In most severe cases it will be combined with other treatments like steroids & radiotherapy. Rehabilitative surgery may involve:

  • 'Decompression' surgery to create more space at the back the eyes when there is pressure on nerve or if there is a lot of protrusion of the eyeballs, in order to progress the person’s appearance
  • Eye muscle surgery is to treat double vision
  • Eyelid surgery is to improve the appearance of eyelids

Other treatments for TED include:

  • Prisms attached to the spectacles (it will helps when there is double vision)
  • High dose of steroids, to improve double vision

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