Advanced Technology Lens Implants

In the past, when a doctor perform a cataract surgery, the only option is to implant a monofocal intraocular lens (IOL). This will also provide a good distance vision, but it will not allow the patients to see in different focal distances & did not address any other issues which are related with astigmatism. Now variety of the replacement lenses is available to the cataract patients, each one was offering various advantages for the post-surgery vision. This is most effective lens based on the each patient’s individual preference & goals of their vision. The latest lenses will help eliminate or reduce the usage of contacts or  glasses after cataract surgery of the remaining life, providing convenient, effective results of your specific vision conditions. This improvement of the vision is not only provides enhanced safety & improve a person’s normal activities & lifestyle, it will also add years of enjoyment to life.

Multifocal Replacement Lens:

The advanced technology multifocal IOL was usually referred as the “lifestyle” lens, because it was designed to restore the full range of the vision—near, far & intermediate. This is mainly helpful for the people with active lifestyles. With a multifocal IOL, it is possible to considerably reduce or completely eliminate the present dependence on glasses.

Toric Replacement Lens:

Toric IOLs is one of the best option for correcting both of the cataracts and astigmatism during the cataract surgery. In the past, patients suffering with astigmatism may experience blurred & distorted vision after cataract surgery, because of standard replacement lens that may not correct this sort of condition. The toric IOL was designed to provide a quality distance of  vision with reduced dependence on the eyeglasses & contact lenses.

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