Diode Laser cyclophotocoagulation

Diode CYC is a laser procedure that is used to treat glaucoma. It is usually recommended after other more conservative operations such as trabeculectomy filter or tube surgeries have failed. It is also used if the vision is already very poor.

What is Diode CYC?

Diode CYC was a method in which the laser is used to demolish a part of the ciliary body, the circumferential structure which lies behind & adjacent to the peripheral iris (colored part of the eye.). As the ciliary body constantly produces aqueous humor, which is clear liquid and fills the front of the eye, destruction of part of ciliary body will decreases the fluid production inside eye & thus decreases the intraocular pressure.

How is Diode CYC performed?

After the eye is numbed with local anesthetic, then a laser probe will be positioned over ciliary body. The laser beam will travels from the sclera to ciliary body, which is moderately destroyed. The sclera is comparatively harmless as the laser energy is selectively reduces the darker pigmented ciliary body tissue beneath. Laser spots were applied over 270 degrees of ciliary body. The main goal of the treatment is to leave enough ciliary body alive to produce aqueous liquid but to destroy enough of it to successfully lower the eye pressure. Multiple treatments may be needed 

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