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Tarsorrhaphy is the surgical technique in which the eyelids were partially sewn together to narrow the eyelid opening. It is performed to protect cornea in cases of the corneal exposure, as a treatment for the Graves' ophthalmopathy, Mobius syndrome or after the corneal graft operation. The technique is done on the corner of the eyelid opening.
People of the all ages may suffer from paralysis or corneal diseases which may benefit from the tarsorrhaphy. For that reason, physicians may do tarsorrhaphy on patients of any age groups. Even though, it was viewed as the last alternative for many of the patients & is not indicated till  the other treatments e.g., patching & eye ointments has been attempted.


  • The usage of the eye drops & contact lenses to moisten & protect the eyes should be considered before the tarsorrhaphy was performed. Tarsorrhaphy is a minor technique performed under  local anesthesia. Special preparation is not required.
  • Stitches are carefully placed at corners of the eyelid opening (palpebral fissure) to narrow. This will provide the eye lubrication & less air exposure.
  • Eyeball motion will help bathe the cornea in the tears when it was rolls up under the lid.

Care taken after the surgery:

Patients should not rub their eye & refrain from wearing the make-up till given permission from the doctor. Driving should be restricted till approval from the ophthalmologist.
Pathways in the home needs to be cleared of the obstacles & the patients should be aware of the peripheral vision loss. They need to be compensate by turning the head fully when they were looking at an object.
An analgesic will be given to ease the pain, but severe pain is not normal. Sutures will be removed after two weeks.
Eye drops or ointment can still be needed to preserve the cornea or treat from the associated disease.

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