Barrage Laser for Retinal holes

In a  routine eye checkup, the eyes are dilated to look for a healthy retina. Any areas which have holes or suspect of  weakness needs to be strengthened to decrease the risk of  a retinal detachment in the future. It is preferable to treat these areas prior to LASIK or if your doctor thinks that the lesions are risky. The weak area is surrounded by laser to prevent it from worsening. It is more common in myopes.


The Barrage Laser is a green Laser treatment which is done to strengthen the weakened areas of retina. Barrage laser treatment is an out-patient treatment method in which an intense beam of the laser light is  focused onto the retina. This procedure will involve dilating the pupil & instilling anesthetic drops. A specialized contact lens is then placed  on the eye to direct the laser beam. While performing this laser treatment, flashes of  light are seen by the patient,however the patient will not experience any pain .
The patient can continue with their daily activities apart from driving on the day of procedure. You will need someone to take you   home after the procedure.

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