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The orbital tumors are the tumors which appear somewhere around the orbit. The orbit is the bony socket that defend the eye from any threat. The orbital tumors may appear anywhere in the orbit, & they leads to the displacement of the eyes – generally, the eyes will look bigger, a disease known as proptosis, or they will be lower or higher than the normal, a condition called as dystopis. This kind of the tumor is very dangerous,  if not treated in correct time, it may leads to the complete loss of the vision.
The orbital tumors will be treated by an orbital tumor surgery. Orbital tumours can be removed by a surgery called as orbitotomy, an orbit opening procedure is to access the tumor. This kind of the surgery will be done by a lateral, posterior, medial or anterior route & it is then called as lateral orbitotomy, anterior orbitotomy, medial orbitotomy or posterior orbitotomy.  If multiple approaches were used, then the surgery is called as combined orbitotomy. The orbitotomy generally comprises of a surgery by which the orbit is opened & the tumor is removed. The anterior orbitotomy, used for tumors which are located in anterior orbit, is performed with a transseptal, transperiosteal incision (by the conjunctival surface of eyelid), from which the tumor is removed. The lateral orbitotomy is used to remove the masses which are located deeper in the orbit, or lesions of lacrimal gland. The cut or incision is positioned this time under the brow, higher in eyebrow or in small crease in the eyelid. After the cut or incision, the periorbita needs to be opened after a tiny section of the bone will be removed. Once the periorbita is opened, the oculoplastic surgeon will remove the tumor, closes the periorbita back & replace the bone. When it comes to posterior orbitotomy, it was done as same as the lateral one, by a same, lateral approach.
The recovery time will be based on the patient & on the type of the surgery that is done; like, how complicated it was, or how large the tumor was, but it generally takes roughly 2 weeks to go back to normal life, as the surgery will give bruises & swelling that will take time to disappear. 1st week after the surgery, patient should minimize doing very difficult sports &  general efforts. It is recommended by the doctor not to travel during the first 4 weeks after the surgery is done, even though patient will be discharged in just one day after the orbitotomy surgery.

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