Corneo Scleral Tear Repair

A corneoscleral laceration is more likely that occur in an eye which has undergone a previous surgery, such as radial keratotomy or corneal transplantation.
All attempts to repair a corneoscleral laceration will be performed in the operating theater with the help of operating microscope & trained ophthalmic personnel.

  • Repair of a corneoscleral tear includes like treating the cornea, sclera (white part of the eye) & restoring the eyes original anatomy.
  • For repairing the laceration, doctor will initially estimate the severity of the damage, administer of the anesthesia & then if they need, suture the globe prior to the exploring the wound.
  • Doctor will suture the limbus (border of the cornea & sclera), & perform the procedure to treat the prolapsed iris or vitreous (gelatinous mass that fills the space in between lens & back of the eye) if necessary.
  • Your doctor will then explore scleral wound & repair the segments of scleral lacerations.
  • The entire procedure is completed by injecting antibiotics into the vitreous, suturing the conjunctiva (scleral covering) & by applying the eye patch.

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