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Low Vision Assessment

Low vision examination should will be performed if there are one or more eye disorders, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy with very low vision. It is important to have a low vision examination which is performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist who are specialized in low vision – to determine whether special low vision optical devices, better lighting, large printed reading materials, or other types of training, like vision rehabilitation services, may help the person with low vision to use the functional vision more effectively.
A comprehensive low vision examination is not rushed and is very thorough and taking 2-3 times longer than the regular eye examination. The low vision eye care specialist will be trained to conduct a functional eye examination which focuses directly on how a person's particular vision will affect their day-to-day living.
Some of the examples of functional vision problems include:

  • Difficulty in seeing the height of the gas flame while cooking
  • Problem in crossing the streets or seeing traffic
  • Difficulty in seeing any information on a computer screen
  • Difficulty in using the telephone book or reading magazines, even with regular eyeglasses.

Components which includes the low vision assessment is:

  • A health and medication history
  • A vision history
  • A low vision history
  • An eye health evaluation
  • A low vision refraction or visual acuity testing
  • The amsler grid test
  • Visual field testing
  • Specialized test that includes:
    • Color vision
    • Contrast sensitivity
    • Depth perception

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