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Several clinical studies have been suggested that despite of whether the LASIK flap is either been created with a blade (microkeratome) or with a laser called Blade-free LASIK, the visual result is excellent. There won’t be any significant advantage in how the flap has been made in regards to the vision which was obtained after the surgery but the femtosecond  flap has certain advantages over the microkeratome flap.

  • The Femtosecond Laser is used in the initial step of the LASIK procedure, the creation of a corneal flap. The 2nd step includes the reshaping of cornea by using an excimer laser.
  • Usually the first step of the LASIK was done by using a microkeratome, it is a hand-held medical instrument along with an oscillating blade. While LASIK has been proven to be a relatively successful and safe procedure, most of the complications & patient concerns are been related with the use of the microkeratome. The femtosecond  Laser Technology get rid of the use of the microkeratome.

  • With the femtosecond  Laser, the doctor precisely controls the initial step of LASIK by using a computer-controlled laser which delivers rapid pulses of the light, a quadrillionth of a each second, to a pre-programmed depth & position within cornea.
  • Each pulse can form a microscopic bubble. As the femtosecond  Laser moves back & front across the eye, the bubbles were connected to form the corneal flap.
  • Just prior to the vision rectification, the doctor will lift the flap to reveal a smooth corneal bed, optimized for the reshaping. The femtosecond  Laser also creates a characteristic beveled-edge flap which allows for precise repositioning, alignment & seating of the corneal flap after the completion of LASIK.

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