Cataract Treatment

What is cataract?

Your eyes have a crystalline lens that are normally transparent & helps to focus the light on the retina, which is like the “screen” we see in the movies.The lens is found inside a thin “bag” called the capsular bag. As age increases, some changes occur in the  lens which cause it to lose its transparency and become opaque. This opacity is called cataract. Since it is opaque it can no longer allow light to pass through, and your vision blurs.


How is it treated?

The standard cataract is treatment surgery. The common form of the cataract operation today is a procedure known as phacoemulsification. With the help of operating microscope, your doctor will do very tiny incision or cut make on the surface of the eye in or near to the cornea. A thin ultrasound probe is also been inserted into the eye & into the capsular bag where it uses the ultrasonic vibrations to dissolve & to remove the opaque lens. Once the cataract is been removed, an artificial lens is positioned into same slender capsular bag in which the cataract occupied. This intraocular lens is required to help your eye focus after the surgery.

Types of intraocular lenses that can implanted in your eye after your cataract is removed:

  • MONOFOCAL LENS: These are most commonly implanted lenses today. These lenses will have equal power in all the regions of the lens & will provide a high-quality vision at a single focal point (usually from a distance). They generally need only a light pair of the spectacles for the optimal distance vision and for near vision correction.
  • TORIC LENS: Toric lenses have more power in exact one exact region in the lens to correct astigmatism, which may further improve distance vision for people who have astigmatism to start with.
  • MULTIFOCAL LENS: Multifocal intraocular lenses have a variety of regions with different power within the lens which allows the individuals to see at variety of distances namely far, intermediate and near.

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