Vitrectomy Sutureles

Any surgery which was done for treating a disease of vitreous or retina may involves the removal of the vitreous gel & it is called as “Vitrectomy”. The vitreous will be reached only after creating incisions or cuts in the walls of eye.
Now-a-days, a new procedure was performing .Vitrectomy has been invented & was becoming popular in all over the world. Same as cataract surgery developments, even Vitrectomy will be done with a “suture less” method. This procedure requires the usage of the specialized equipment which will enables the surgeon to reach the vitreous by using cuts that were as small as 0.5mm. These cuts will be closed automatically and won’t require any sutures.
Since there were no sutures, there is no suture-related foreign body sensation or watering won’t be seen. Also, there is no need for the incision in the conjunctiva & so there will be lesser redness of the eyes & faster time of recovery for the patient. All this factors will increases the comfort of patient in post-operative period & patient can also resume to their normal and routine work at the earliest as possible. Not only that, the overall time which was required for the surgery was also too less.
In the suture less procedure, small tubes or trochars or canulas are placed by pars plana area & small instruments were placed by these tubes. Once the surgery was complete, these tubes will be removed & no stitches were needed.


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