Strabismus in Children Treatment

Treatment for  strabismus depends on underlying cause & the severity of  eye mis-alignment. This condition is generally corrected with either  glasses or by eye muscle surgery. In some of the cases, the usage of the eye patching or eye drops can also be helpful .

dataFarsightedness (hyperopia), nearsightedness (myopia) & astigmatism (a form of the blurry vision) may sometimes cause the crossed eyes in very young kids. These kids may benefit from wearing the glasses.
A child who is having amblyopia as well as  strabismus may be prescribed eye patches to worn over the straight or unaffected eye. These block out all the light & force the weaker eye or misaligned eye to do the "seeing" work. Over time, consistent patching can strengthen the vision in weaker eye. Rarely it may also help to strengthen the muscle of weaker eye & restore the proper alignment.
Usually, kids must wear the patch for 2 - 3 hours per day while they are waking for several months or years based on the severity of the condition. In more intense cases, patches can be worn up to 6 hours or longer daily.
For parents of babies & toddlers suffering with strabismus, enforcing the usage of the eye patch may seem to be a challenge. But after the preliminary adjustment time, most of the kids will acclimatize well & the patch will just becomes a part of their daily routine, like brushing their teeth.
Even though, despite at parent's best efforts, a child refuse to wear an eye patch. In these type of cases, atropine drops may be used instead. Similar as an a eye patch which blocks the vision in straight or unaffected eye, the atropine drops may provisionally blur out the vision in the straight eye, forcing the misaligned eye to work even more hard.
If glasses or patching or atropine drops won’t achieve a proper alignment, eye muscle operation will be recommended. Operation involves the loosening or tightening of the muscles which causes the eye to wander. Even though it is an invasive measure, operation is considered safe & effective.

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