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It is a highly effective outpatient procedure and usually referred as refractive surgery or corrective eye surgery or laser vision correction in which a flap of the corneal surface is raised & a thin layer of the underlying tissue is removed using a laser.

LASIK eye surgery was used to correct the following vision problems:


  • The LASIK procedure is performed by ophthalmologists, medical doctors who are specialized in the surgical treatments of the eye.  Here is a general outline of the technique:
  • Anesthetic eye drops are applied to the eye.
  • The LASIK surgeon will makes a protective flap to access the inner corneal tissue. During this part of the procedure, your vision may dim & become blurry for about a minute.  After the flap is created patients are able to see the flashing fixation light of the laser & the bright lights used in the procedure.
  • Next the inner layers of the cornea will receive computer-controlled pulses of cool laser light. Even though the laser light is invisible, the laser will makes a clicking sound as it will gently reshapes the inner corneal layer to get better & in many cases, eliminate your prescription. During this particular part of the procedure, an eye-tracking device will tracks your eye movements to ensure the precise correction.
  • Following the re-shaping of tissue, the LASIK surgeon carefully repositions & aligns the flap to its original position. Protective shields were placed over the eye to avoid from the accidental rubbing as the flap will heals naturally & securely in the next several hours.
    After the LASIK eye procedure, patients may feel moderate discomfort & irritation for a few hours, but most of the patients will be comfortable after a nap & rest.

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