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Treatment for In – Turning Eyelids

Entropion is usually treated by surgery. It is not major surgery. Sometimes other forms of treatment may be used to temporarily correct the entropion. This can include:

  • Tape on the eyelid. Tape can be very carefully placed to stop the eyelid turning in, but this needs to be done very carefully after being shown how to do this by your doctor to avoid the tape itself scratching your eye
  • Injections of Botox. This can be helpful for some weeks whilst an operation is organized
  • Temporary stitches in the eyelid. Occasionally stitches can be put in to the eyelid as an office procedure. This may be effective for some months.


What is done during an entropion operation will depend on the causes of the entropion. In most cases the eyelid will be “tightened”, usually by making a very small incision at the outer corner of the eye and pulling the eyelid across to reattach it just inside the rim of the bony eye socket at the outer corner (this is sometimes called a “tarsal strip” operation). In combination with this, there may be other procedures performed. These can include the following:

  • Repairing the lower eyelid retractors. This is usually done through  an incision just under the eyelashes which heals very well and does not leave a noticeable scar
  • Special sutures through the eyelid to help turn it outwards.
    After surgery, your doctor may prescribe eye drops and use of an eye patch overnight to protect the eye. You should notice improvement within a day or so.

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