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Lasik Surgery: Remove the spectacles

Date :19-Jul-2019

It’s time to bid goodbye to those boring glasses with advanced LASIK surgery.

If you are tired of wearing glasses and you are looking for a permanent solution for your eyes, Lasik surgery is the one for you. Lasik is a refractive eye surgery which helps an individual to achieve a better vision.In general, Lasik surgery has a good track record. Most people have unparallel results post surgery. Well, some side effects like eye dryness or temporary vision problems are common but they last for a short period of time.

laser eye surgery in kerala

What visions problems can be corrected by Lasik surgery?

Lasik eye surgery can correct the following vision issues like:

  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Myopia

What does the surgery involve?

Before the surgery, the eye is examined to determine whether you are the right candidate for the surgery or not. If you are wearing contact lenses, the doctor might ask you to stop wearing them, two weeks prior to the surgery. Now here is how the procedure is conducted:

  • Prior to the surgery, anesthetic eye drops are applied. Next, the surgeon makes a protective flap to get access to the inner corneal tissue. When the flap is created, you will be able to see the flashing fixation light of the laser.
  • Next, an excimer laser is used to reshape the corneal stroma. A cool ultraviolet light beam is used to reshape the cornea so that it can more accurately focus light on the retina for a better vision. Though the laser light is invisible, during this process the laser makes a clicking sound while reshaping the cornea smoothly.
  • After the repositioning of the tissue, the doctor will lay back the corneal flap in its original position. Protective shields are placed on the eyes to protect from accidental rubbing.

Lasik surgery should be performed under good hands. Dr.Tony Fernandez is one of the most well-renowned eye specialists who has conducted numerous successful Lasik surgeries. The Tony Fernandez Eye Hospital is one of the most reliable and highly equipped eye hospitals in India.

So if you are planning for Lasik surgery, call at tel:+91 8592002223/ Tel: 048429571575.Blog reviewed by: Dr. S Tony Fernandez
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