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Correct Misaligned Eye With Squint Surgery

Date :19-Feb-2019

Squint is a visual disorder in which the eyes point in different directions and are misaligned. This misalignment may be intermittent or constant. A person with squint will typically have one eye fixated on objects of interest while the other eye turned in (esotropia), out (exotropia), up (hypertropia), or down (hypotropia).


The causes of squint include thyroid eye disease, high farsightedness, eye injuries, cataract, cranial nerve palsies, myasthenia gravis, and in some patients it may be caused by brain or birth problems.


To correct strabismus in younger infants, early surgery is often recommended. Once the eyes are straightened they will develop normal acuity and binocular (stereo) vision. The chance of developing normal sight and depth perception decreases as a child gets older. , squint can have a negative effect on a child’s coordination and motor skills, self-confidence, and social interaction.


To access the underlying eye muscles an ophthalmologist will make a small incision in the tissue covering the eye. After a detailed measurement of the type of squint it will be decided which eye muscles have to be repositioned during the surgery. The eye muscle surgery may be performed on one or both eyes. A general anesthetic is required when squint surgery is performed on children. For adults a local anesthetic is often an option.

In a hospital or a surgery center eye muscle surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure. Within a few days the patient is usually able to resume normal activities. To “fine tune” the result after the surgery, glasses or prisms may sometimes be needed.
Sometimes squint surgery may have to be done in stages to correctly align the 2 eyes.

Squint surgery in Kerala

Squint surgery is performed in Kerala at Dr. Tony Fernandez Eye Hospital, which has cutting-edge facilities both for basic and advanced diagnostic tests and surgeries. Dr. S Tony Fernandez is one of the senior most ophthalmic surgeons in Kerala. In the last five decades thousands of people have experienced his healing touch.

amblyopia treatment in indiaMisaligned eye or squint is generally corrected at the hospital with either glasses or by eye muscle surgery. The hospital is one of the pioneers in introducing the latest technologies for squint surgery and amblyopia treatment in India. Dr. Tony and his team of specialists ensure quality total eye care for all the patients.

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